Web developer, Tia Wood, launches BulkDevelopment.com – a FREE tool for domainers

The waters of “mass development” were hit by a major tsunami today, when news broke of a new, FREE bulk development tool that promises to deliver instant results. Seasoned web developer, Tia Wood launched the new service at BulkDevelopment.com

In her own words:

Want to leave domain parking? Don’t want to pay for MASS domain development? Our tool is FREE, fast and easy. Mass develop hundreds of domain names at the push of a button.

Newsflash: There is no “silver bullet” when it comes to web development. What has been the blurb of recent months and weeks has escalated to ridiculous claims from certain individuals that promise to develop “hundreds and thousands of web sites” en masse – all without having any such credentials and being unable to produce samples of their alleged creativity via a portfolio.

To truly get results from a selection of domain names, one needs to implement a well-thought strategy and entrust the web & graphics design only to skilled and qualified professionals. An exception to this paradigm, appears to be Rick Latona’s AEIOU service, that provides a streamlined process of quality designs aimed at domainers, at an affordable price.

The bottom line: Tia found a very creative and imaginative way to promote her web development services, while expressing her views on the subject of so-called “mass development” and I applaud her creativity and sense of humor.

It is sad that as soon as she launched the service, some hater clown left a message at her blog assaulting her creativity.


  1. Sorry, I was just taken in by your post. I wish you had warned me that it’s just an advertising scam.

  2. Not sure why you’d call it a “scam”, Chris. Did you lose any money? The BulkDevelopment.com web site actually educates you so that you won’t lose any money from these quick “mass development” schemes.

  3. I thought it was innovative, even though it was like those “give me your name and e-mail” before I tell you the cost of my “Exclusive Super-Duper Affilaite Program”.

    She does make a good point. You can waste a lot of time, energy and money by not figuring out what you’re going to do with that domain portfolio.

  4. I challenge Chris Nielsen, “Concerned Domainer”, “Borat” and whoever else needs clarification on the matter in the Bido chatroom during my discussion on mass development versus full scale development. More details to follow on time and date.

    And of course those who understand the differences are invited to come and help discuss the matter as well.

  5. Yo Acro,

    Why doesn’t Tia or anyone commenting on her new release clearly state which “mass development” websites are a scam and/or useless, and why her service is better?

    I love the domain name tho!

  6. Already saw Tia’s website, smart girl she is.

    No further questions from me… 😉

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