What Frank Schilling told me – Free of charge

It’s always exciting meeting large-impact domainers for the first time.

When I first met Rick Schwartz at TRAFFIC in Orlando, I was star-struck; then Rick asked me to simply enjoy the conference and of course its food.

It’s amazing how those “larger than life” domainers are in fact very normal-acting, very much human; in fact, sometimes more so than an average Joe Domainer.

So what makes such domainer idols project a different, God-like persona through their achievements and writings?

It’s very simple: industries need leaders. Those that stand out are soon given the ranks of a “strategos” – the Greek word for “general” in the military and political sense.

An industry that welcomes a variety of people from different cultures, age groups and places of the world – such as domaining – soon benefits from the lead and direction these leaders take.

Shane’s article about whether one would buy scalped tickets in order to meet with Frank Schilling at Domainfest reminded me that I met with Frank about eight hours ago.

Frank also gave me some free advice, despite the fact that it was only in my dream that he appeared.

When one is immersed in the domain industry, such dreams – however confusing they might be – often turn into revelations and the occasional epiphany.

To cut a long story short, in my dream Frank Schilling made this statement when I asked about his prediction about the future shape of things to come:

“Why change something that works already? Things won’t change.”

Frank then politely asked for directions to the bathroom of my house. It was a small price to pay for hearing such a simple yet empowering statement from Frank.

Even though it was just a dream.


  1. Hahaha, you’re a werido. Maybe I’m not reading between the lines, but that post was just straight up strange.

  2. Collabo – What’s stranger is that you took time to comment about a post you didn’t understand.

  3. i bet there was a kind of density to the meaning packed in those words within your dream that hit you harder than anyone who might be reading this. i’ve had those types of dreams before, where someone appears like a dameon and bestows some grand kernal of wisdom on you in a few words. because you were dreaming it no doubt bypassed your conscious mind, and you experience those words on a deeper level, an epiphany no doubt. I say, good on ya mate!

  4. or perhaps …
    if .com is not broken why would it need fixing ?

  5. You’re a domainer if… you get wet dreams about industry leaders instead of GoDaddy girls. :p

  6. Mike – you got it 🙂

    Anthony – Frank spoke in riddles.

    Samit – haha, good one.

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