Friday Funnies: Putting fun back into domains

Things get too serious sometimes. In order to instill some fun into the serious business of domains, I’m starting the “Friday Funnies” section.

Each Friday, a cartoonized photo will attempt to deliver some humor without – hopefully – hurting the feelings of those it depicts. 😀

Today’s “Friday Funny” is about social media “wars” and two well-known personalities, Frank Schilling and Rick Schwartz.


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  1. Hummmm well found … 🙂

  2. This is excellent – I look forward to seeing these every week!

    Great Job! – Lets hope all see the funny side.

  3. Hehe, thanks guys 😀

  4. lol. This WAS funny. Good job!!

  5. Tia, you knew it was coming 😉

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