Money makes the world go round?

After reading the incredible news about a Hong Kong real estate magnate offering $65 million dollars to a male suitor that’d “covert” his daughter away from being a lesbian, I am now convinced: money makes the world go round.

The problem is, while money gives the world a spin, it doesn’t keep it going.

To place such an offer and risk one’s father/daughter relationship, especially when she is a core member of his real estate business, is insane. It’s also representative of many cultures in the Far East, insisting that women remain “tools” of the men.

Regardless of this offer that turned viral, money retains one of the top two positions about what people desire in life. The other two, are love and power.

So when one has all three, as clearly is the case with the very happily married to her partner, Gigi Chao, what’s left to achieve in life?

An increasing number of billionaires and millionaires are pledging their fortunes to charity these days. It’s the new calling of the rich, something to achieve beyond what’s already been achieved.

When held in a possessive way, money does not allow the world to spin, it only slows it down. On the other hand, with charity, volunteer work and by donating a portion of the money one has, our Big Blue Marble can keep on turning.

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