Money makes the world go round?

After reading the incredible news about a Hong Kong real estate magnate offering $65 million dollars to a male suitor that'd "covert" his daughter away from being a lesbian, I am now convinced: money makes the world go round. The problem is, while money gives the world a spin, it doesn't keep it … [Read more...]

As disaster strikes Haiti, two major generics are being wasted

The devastation from the earthquake that hit Haiti cannot yet be assessed; some fear that 50,000 people might be dead and thousands more injured. In today's interconnected world, with each natural or man-made catastrophe the descriptive terms are the first ones to be searched on the Internet; … [Read more...]

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Every year, at Christmas, I take a large plastic water-bottle full of pennies to the Salvation Army. It contains every penny that passed through my hands that year, which I have little use for at that time. Perhaps you'd be surprised to hear that $40 to $60 can fit in a one-gallon bottle. Little … [Read more...]