Moniker: All is quiet on the domain transfer front

Whenever I acquire domains, I usually transfer them from their ‘random’ registrar to my primary one, Fabulous, as soon as possible.

Sometimes, though, I forget and the domains remain with their respective registrar until it’s time for renewal.

Last week, I initiated the transfer of a few domains away from Moniker, as these were SnapNames drops. After unlocking them for transfer out, I initiated the transfers.

Nothing strange up to this point.

Most registrars, however, will ‘squeal’ and send you an email, informing you of the transfer and asking you to stay. Some even offer discounts – not that I am easily swayed.

Moniker didn’t send any notification emails about my pending transfers for days, to the point that I was concerned whether the transfers had been initiated in the first place.

Exactly 7 days later, the domains were in my account at the gaining registrar, successfully.

This type of silence is bizarre and it could be an issue if domains at Moniker were to be unlawfully transferred out; I received no such notifications, other than the initial one containing the domains and their authentication codes.


  1. This is Moniker for the past few years, although I got an email last week from them trying to persuade me to stay. I am still waiting for their pitch…

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