Usain Bolt and the scores killed in Syria

I'm always intrigued by the editorial choices of CNN for its International portal. Covering the Olympics occupies the right half of the screen; covering the massacre in Aleppo and other Syrian cities takes over the left part of the page's layout. In the times that the ancient Greeks competed … [Read more...]

My support of

A few days ago I reported on how the domain name is in good hands. To show my support of Vincent's efforts against this hideous SOPA bill, I've donated my time and created the logo. The SOPA bill must fail because it's not only unconstitutional but it also threatens to … [Read more...]

Unethical tax measure thrown out of the window

Just four days ago I wrote about how a controversial new indirect taxation would affect thousands of .GR domains and their cash-starved operators; most of them Greek entrepreneurs operating portals, news web sites and forums. That indirect taxation - called "aggeliosimo" - was meant to be an … [Read more...]

Wikipedia as a historic tool

On occasion, I stray away from domains and technology, to comment on society and politics. And the recent gathering of world leaders in London for the G20 summit is one such occasion that I'd like to comment on. The other day, I was reading random historic facts on Wikipedia. It's fascinating to … [Read more...]