Registrars: I don’t need add-on services

The amount of spam – unsolicited email – that I receive daily, is horrendous.

Along with offers to buy worthless domains, lowball inquiries and emails from “buxom Ukrainian 24-year-olds”, some domain registrars started to send out a hefty amount of emails unrelated to domain registration services.

Registrars are there to perform the task of domain registrations – and that’s it, in my book. I don’t need add-on services, such as web hosting or SEO, web design, logo design etc. particularly when I am a competitor in the same fields.

For services that I don’t provide, I also want to be selective; pick my own web host, do my own social media promotions or press release services. It’s not a bundled service of local/long distance/Internet that I’m after. I just want to register and manage my domain names.

Get it?

So, domain registrars – you know who you are – you need to stop sending these “opt out” emails and make the process “opt in” instead: if I want something, I will get in touch.


  1. Not to mention the 10 renewal notifications per domain on domains not marked for automatic renewal. Wish I could opt out of those completely.

  2. Domaining 365 – The market is skewed towards Registrars: they even auction off the domains that aren’t renewed, which were supposed to be released in the first place. But I object to the various random services that I’m now being emailed about. And I can tell you this: it’s not from GoDaddy.

  3. GiftedDomains says

    Yes its sometimes very annoying.
    On the other hand this is how Registrars calculate. They don’t make money with new Registrations of domains (For instance Godaddy makes an initial loss with all the promotional codes, etc). They make money with all the extra crap they offer you. So i guess if we want very low prices, we have to live with some spam from the Registrars. Plus, we are not Registrar’s favourite customers. I personally only register domains with low priced promo codes and for renewals the same, the price is amost the same the Registrar has to pay to Verisign, etc. So basically they don’t make money with me. So i accept to receive some spam from them too 🙂

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