Buying domains with other people’s money

From behind the iron curtain of a middle Eastern nation known for its anti-American sentiment, a self-proclaimed hacker seems to be the perpetrator of a series of recent, high profile purchases of domains - using stolen credit cards. Using proxy servers located in Iraq, he took control of a … [Read more...] versus – Comparing two PPC companies

In my early domaining days I was simply pointing my domains to a web form for visitors with an interest in purchasing, to leave their contact information. This went on for several years and I can easily say I lost several thousand dollars this way. In 2004 I shyly started using the parking service … [Read more...]

Power naps – power grabs

When I was growing up as a teenager, my friend Mike would always say that one should seize every given opportunity by being alert and prepared. During our trips to downtown Athens' "Silicon Valley" shops where all the new gadgets, computers and software first appeared, Mike would bring with him a … [Read more...]