Trust is earned, not bought

When engaging in a domain transaction without using escrow services, one needs to be 100% certain that the other party is going to fulfill their part of the deal. The trust factor kicks in, but how do you trust someone from behind an Internet connection? Domainer communities, such as DNForum … [Read more...]

DNForum or NamePros? Tapping into memory lane

The owner of - the domain monetization company that acquired the domain forum NamePros - gave an excellent speech today; albeit in the form of a unity post. It's not a secret that both DNForum and NamePros each have their own "gang" of supporters, fans and sworn "servants". It's what … [Read more...] – How I saved the owner’s $2.6 million property

It's good to hear when people become successful overnight; that's the type of satisfaction that can be shared. Financial success through domaining is yet another way to display one's entrepreneurial achievements and the recent sale of for $2.6 million is one such case. Five years … [Read more...]

A Matter of Trust

There is something that I detest losing more than money, and that's time. Time comes in the form of dedication of energy, creativity and personal essence, to pursue or achieve something, or assist someone. The amount of time dedicated to assist a person is tied even more to a number of … [Read more...]

Dictionary domains in .COM/.NET/.ORG – Sure winners!

Ever since I started registering domains with the intention to develop or resell (the option to monetize was added much later) I decided to stick to the same basic principle: if it's in the dictionary, it's something I can use. If I can use it, others can. If others can, then I have established the … [Read more...]