Domain Name Sales and GoDaddy: The best of both worlds

The majority of my domain portfolio is monetized and available for sale via Frank Schilling's Domain Name Sales platform. Most buyers type in a domain and end up on a page lander, which prompts them with a link to inquire further. Others might perform a WHOIS lookup and email me … [Read more...]

Forwarding inquiries to the Domain Name Sales platform

The introduction of the Domain Name Sales platform, two years ago during TRAFFIC in Ft. Lauderdale, was an industry game-changer. The DNS platform and assorted app - for iOS, currently - have provided a solid, expandable tool that offers a myriad of options for active domain sellers. Domain … [Read more...]

Domain Name Sales and GoDaddy Escrow update

Two weeks ago, I reported yet another positive experience with a domain sale that facilitated via the Domain Name Sales brokerage, and by utilizing GoDaddy as the escrow. The transaction was an assigned brokered sale that did not originate at GoDaddy. Because the amount involved exceeded … [Read more...]

Quick and dirty end-user guide to accepting a domain push at GoDaddy

The very-capable brokers of Domain Name Sales closed a nice sale on my behalf today. There is a push for end-of-year brokering over at Frank's Fine Factory of domain deals, and it's the right time to contact them for some aggressive promotion of your domains. Surprisingly, the only non-smooth … [Read more...]