Moniker: All is quiet on the domain transfer front

Whenever I acquire domains, I usually transfer them from their 'random' registrar to my primary one, Fabulous, as soon as possible. Sometimes, though, I forget and the domains remain with their respective registrar until it's time for renewal. Last week, I initiated the transfer of a few … [Read more...]

Smart computer upgrades as technology moves fast

Usually, I custom build my production PC rig every couple of years. I've found that this is the sweet spot between technology advancing and prices dropping. However, this year I've simply skipped the building from scratch of a new system, and updated my current ones. If you own a PC system … [Read more...]

Bummer. The machine that serves this file is down. We’re working on it.

I use a lot, to view the status of web sites years ago. It's an invaluable and free service. The stress should go on "free", however more often than ever I find this free service to be unavailable. This statement comes up often, recently, when trying to view snapshots from 2002 or … [Read more...]

Backup, backup, backup!

Backing up your data isn't just an option these days, it's a requirement. Prior to the proliferation of digital content, the majority of one's assets were tangible and one had to take special precautions to protect it. For example, storing photo albums away from heat, humidity or … [Read more...]

Get in control of your domain assets

I keep stating how Sedo pulled the rug from under themselves, with the thoughtless implementation of SedoMLS. They did it by treating the entire domain inventory - our domain assets - as trivial listings with a bargain sticker price. These listings were then being peddled on the GoDaddy TDNAM, on … [Read more...]