Domain intelligence : Missing info on Uniregistry Market a glitch or a feature?

Happy New Year. We're getting closer to NamesCon 2017; during the domain conference, Uniregistry will be announcing its Uniregistry Market app, and lots of new features for its existing web and app platforms. It seems that DNS, the Domain Name Sales platform that served me and hundreds of … [Read more...]

Domain offers : It’s a can-have, not a must-have

Domain inquiries arrive in all types of colorful examples of how people approach domain ownership. Having been an active domain investor for more than 15 years, I can honestly write a book about the myriads of inquiries that often lack common sense. It's not that a particular offer arrives … [Read more...]

Domain offers : A twist on the proverbial “poor student” inquiry

The practice of making offers for domain names, under the guise of being someone else, isn't new. Domain investing presents opportunities that can be exceptionally rewarding. There is competition in the market, and there are only so many good names available. In the mid 2000's, many LLL .com … [Read more...]

Domain inquiries : Should you keep the conversation going?

An important task of a domain investor, is the evaluation of incoming inquiries and the subsequent response to them. While some inquiries might note appear to be promising, it's good practice to respond to them, as an exercise in business communications. Many domain investors fail at this … [Read more...]

More money, more problems

The saying goes, the more money one has, the more problems they are facing. I am not exactly sure this is 100% accurate, however. An offer via Sedo for a generic I own, matched the usual lowball amount of $60. That would leave me with $10 after Sedo's 20% commission. :D No thanks. My … [Read more...]