False claims : We used to own this domain name

Recently, I've experienced an increase in a new type of claim when receiving domain inquiries. The other party states that they owned the domain name in the past, but they somehow lost access to it. In the cases I'm referring to, the claims are outright false. As I hold domain names long … [Read more...]

Uniregistry Market queries : Still not a chatroom, bro

Almost year ago, I wrote about a pet peeve of mine regarding a Uniregistry Market function. The ability to communicate with potential buyers using either the desktop system, or the app, is invaluable. This back and forth communication is often perceived by the other party as a live chatroom, … [Read more...]

I don’t care what you do with the domain, as long as you pay my asking price

Many domain inquiries include introductory statements that reek of disclaimer essence: Want it for a blog I'll be building I used to own it, has sentimental value It's my son's/daughter's/dog's name You're not using it, I want to make a business web site Etc. These statements can … [Read more...]

Domain comps : Of little importance to end user buyers

Domainers love "comps" - the comparative sales numbers that help many price, and sell, their domain names. Most savvy domain investors have a good grasp of how to price their domains, and using comps is often utilized when flipping domains. If you want to sell to end-user buyers, however, the … [Read more...]

First experience : Using the Escrow.com Domain Concierge service for domain transactions

As an Escrow.com customer for the past 15 years, I've been using its services exclusively for the acquisition and sale of domain names. Exactly a year ago, Escrow.com launched its Domain Concierge service, soon after NamesCon 2016. I've just completed my first transaction using the Escrow.com … [Read more...]