The 1980s and the 2000s – domains registered in both eras

Who would have thought, back in the 80's, that an online network of interconnected computers would be used one day to relay information, almost unrestricted around the globe? Surely, the oldest domain registered,, is a landmark in the history of "manual" domain registrations and … [Read more...]

What? No lock on 32 domains?

Nowadays it seems crazy not to lock your domains. All registrars offer this feature as a default option; others offer extended locking mechanisms or even hardware locks via the use of a 'fob device'. Although a transfer out cannot be completed automatically without the use of an authentication … [Read more...]

13 Domains Expiring in less than 40 Days

Surprisingly, there are 13 domains that are about to expire. How soon? Well, in less than 40 days. Generally speaking, it's good to renew your valuable domains for several years in advance; the benefits are multiple: Registration security until a future expiration Taking advantage of … [Read more...]