The 1980s and the 2000s – domains registered in both eras

Who would have thought, back in the 80’s, that an online network of interconnected computers would be used one day to relay information, almost unrestricted around the globe?

Surely, the oldest domain registered,, is a landmark in the history of “manual” domain registrations and that of the commercial Internet. Despite its 25 year old existence as a domain, was not used as a web site until well after the introduction of the world wide web in the early 90’s.

Still, those that knew back in the day that they had the opportunity to register domains, went after some short ones. Without exception, all of these domains registered during the early ‘gold rush’ were for corporations: Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, General Electric etc.

Here’s a list of the domains registered in the 1980’s – the pioneers, if you must, of short domain registrations. 3/3/1986 3/25/1986 7/10/1986 8/5/1986 12/11/1986 12/11/1986 12/11/1986 1/8/1988 2/3/1988 3/31/1988 5/19/1988 7/15/1988 10/12/1988 3/23/1989 8/30/1989 10/26/1989 11/10/1989

It’s interesting to note that the 3rd oldest,, was sold recently to Ultimate Bet and it’s being used as a shortcut forward to their primary web site.

Would you have thought’s were still available to register in the 2000’s? That can’t be possible!

Well, you’d be partially correct; they were not available to register but they became available after a handful of domains dropped, as late as in 2003! 1/11/2000 2/9/2000 2/20/2000 2/20/2000 2/23/2000 3/21/2000 12/9/2000 6/17/2001 3/12/2002 1/19/2003 4/14/2003


  1. Ozie Jackson says

    Sad thing for me is I was actually aware domain names existed in my first years of college in the mid 80s.

    I was the typical jock who would occasionally wander down to the computer dungeon in the dorm and watch these nerdy kids. They were so happy.

    I would listen to them talk about the internet, bulletin boards and computer programming but I didn’t fully comprehend what they were talking about. Regrettably, it went in one ear and out the other.

    If only I had paid more attention to what they were saying.

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