Want to sell more domains? Make your own landing pages

Shane Cultra's post about increased domain inquiries at Frank Schilling's Internet Traffic outfit, clearly shows something that Sedo and other parking companies need to take note of. The increased number of inquiries and offers aren't due to the beautifully crafted landing pages that Frank … [Read more...]

Sedo and Name.com: Who’s telling porkies about parking?

A few days ago I let one of my domains - Greek.in - cross its expiration date. The domain is with Name.com and I simply "ignored" the reminders on a busy week. While in the process of renewing it, I noticed that the domain was displaying a standard Sedo ad page, with the minimal, greenish text … [Read more...]

Parked.com and the mechanics of PPC

When I met the Parked.com crew during TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando, I had the opportunity to engage with some of the best people in the domain monetization business. It was clear that Parked rocked during those times and the company did remarkably well; the people that worked for Parked were top notch … [Read more...]

Thank you, Sedo

If I could share my appreciation over a single business for 2010, that would be Sedo. My relationship with the PPC provider started in 2004 and I must admit it started a couple of years late. Until then, parking my domains was something that I wasn't considering. I lost several thousand dollars … [Read more...]

Sedo delivers record revenue for November

Who said domain parking is dead? As I posted earlier this month, Sedo moved to a new, ajax-based ad delivery system. Apparently, this has now met the approval of Google, the main advertising feed for Sedo; the end result is higher payouts. Much higher PPC is now achieved at Sedo, bringing … [Read more...]