Went to hell and effed myself on the same weekend!

When I'm told to "go f***" myself and "dude u go to hell" on the same weekend, I know I'm doing something right. Of course, none of these high school level insults were told in my face, but there is plenty of keyboard bravado from those that believe talk is cheap. The first one came through a … [Read more...]

Namejet as a Trojan Horse: The sacking of Four Valuable domains while paying for only one

Here's the summary for the impatient: The domains jis.com, Leading.net, Southeast.net and Jaxnet.com are currently in the hands of a person who took control of a managing domain's account and impersonated its owner. I'm sure you want the juicy details, so please bear with me for a while, as I take … [Read more...]

Buying domains with other people’s money

From behind the iron curtain of a middle Eastern nation known for its anti-American sentiment, a self-proclaimed hacker seems to be the perpetrator of a series of recent, high profile purchases of domains - using stolen credit cards. Using proxy servers located in Iraq, he took control of a … [Read more...]