NameJet: Still a top venue for savvy domain investors

I’ve been using NameJet for the past 5 years; investing thousands of dollars in aged, quality .com, .net and .org domains. The sweet spot seems to be two-word .com domains, a practice that Frank Schilling ascribed to since his early investment days.

NameJet is an excellent repository of such domains, tapping into the NetSol inventory and that of other secondary registrars. It’s also a place where a select group of investors can sell their domain names.

Late last year, I listed several domains there, securing a sizable nest-egg that I put to good use. Not only did I achieve sales considerably higher than what I’d have at Sedo, but the competition among the bidders reminded me of the good pre-2008 days of domaining.

Using NameJet to make strategic acquisitions of quality domains, can be beneficial later on. Just found out that one of my sales there for $3k, was recently converted into a $10k resale to an end-user. In a similar fashion, I turned $xxx acquisitions into four and five figure sales. And that’s the beauty of domain investing: when done properly, it can multiply your investment, at rates that exceed Wall Street numbers.

Whether you use NameJet as a buyer, or have the opportunity to liquidate your assets there as a seller, it is a well-organized venue that has overcome most of its problems over the years. It will continue to grow into 2013 and beyond, and it’s one of the healthy domain venues I recommend as a domain investor.


  1. I agree Acro, there are still plenty of opportunities, especially in 2-3 word .coms.

    I picked up BusinessResilience(.)com a couple of weeks ago with no competition at all, and plan to find plenty more in 2013.

  2. I do like NameJet for sure, but Acro, what’s your method for finding names there? I do find sorting through listings more arduous than at other venues, such as GD for example.

  3. James and Leon, wishing you best of success in 2013.

    Leon – You can download the entire NameJet listings and analyze them offline. That’s what I do 🙂

  4. So how does one become part of the “…select group of investors…” who can sell their domains on Namejet?
    Is this invitation only or do you just contact them with a list of your best names and hope they let you join?

  5. Paul – It’s invite only, I’m afraid. Happy New Year!

  6. waryofnamejet says

    They assured me that a domain would be awarded to me as I was the only bidder.
    Now they havent awarded the name and are playing games.
    bad business

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