Uniregistry Market sale : Hold onto your valuable domain assets long term

It's not a secret that I hold domains long term. My early days as a domain flipper ended almost 15 years ago. A decade ago I attended TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando, and my long-term holding approach of … [Continue reading]

Uniregistry Bug Squad : Membership is limited

I've been using the Uniregistry domain services since 2012, once domain parking and the selling platform opened to the public. As an early adopter of the platform, I helped test the services … [Continue reading]

Domain Name Holding service at Escrow.com

After almost 16 years of using Escrow.com to acquire and sell domain names, I'm finally testing new territory. Escrow Concierge is my option of choice, as it allows me to entrust Escrow.com with … [Continue reading]

Domain inquiries : Embrace the proxy buyer

Quite often, third parties inquire on behalf of an actual domain buyer. In the domain investing lingo, these are "proxy buyers" that have one mission: to maintain the privacy of the real buyer and … [Continue reading]

Having Escrow.com issues? A phonecall can help resolve them

As a long-term customer of Escrow.com I'm very happy with the quality of service they provide. Later this year, it'll be 16 years since I first used Escrow.com in a domain-related transaction, and … [Continue reading]