introduces trapdoors to the domain selling floor

Yesterday, I ate lasagna for dinner. I bought two history books from Barnes & Noble. I applied for a home loan. I played Counter-Strike for the first time after two months. I shaved off my goatee. These are random, daily functions that pertain to me, the person. They are isolated incidents of … [Read more...]

Dictionary domains in .COM/.NET/.ORG – Sure winners!

Ever since I started registering domains with the intention to develop or resell (the option to monetize was added much later) I decided to stick to the same basic principle: if it's in the dictionary, it's something I can use. If I can use it, others can. If others can, then I have established the … [Read more...]

TRAFFIC / Orlando – Day 2 – Keynote speeches

The day started with my usual cup of coffee and a surprisingly smooth commute on Interstate 4. This time around I found my way inside the Disney resorts without getting lost. I managed to arrive about 15 minutes before the sessions would begin. I ran into Donny from who gave me a brief … [Read more...]

TRAFFIC / Orlando – Day 1 – A great networking event!

Despite a surprisingly rainy morning that lasted until noon, Orlando was sunny and dry when I hit the road driving west, towards the Disney Resorts. After getting lost twice in the maze of entertainment parks that good old Walt Disney decided to build in the middle of the swamps in the 1960's, I … [Read more...]

Calling all TRAFFIC / Orlando participants!

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - May 19, 2008 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Acroplex┬« launched today its newly redesigned corporate image, including a new web site at The launch is intended to coincide with the Targeted Traffic domain conference (T.R.A.F.F.I.C.) which takes place in … [Read more...]