Friday Funnies: My Domain Revenue in Ruins

Revenue is severely down across the domain parking industry, as PPC companies slowly but surely pass the "benefits" of trickle-down economics to the domainers. Meanwhile, the main advertising providers, Google and Yahoo post record revenue while they're reducing ad revenue paid to domain holders. … [Read more...]

Lead capture as a domain monetization strategy – by Tia Wood

I read a very informative and full of substance blog post today, from fellow domainer and web developer, Tia Wood. It offers a concise analysis of a strategy often overlooked by domainers, who opt to park their domains: Lead capture. Tia explains what the two basic categories of lead capture, … [Read more...]

Be nice now – Working things out with Sedo

It's no secret that when things go wrong with Sedo - or any other service-oriented company - I tend to run my mouth a bit; out of frustration about the things that go wrong. But I'm also the one that praises them when things go right, or when wronged things get fixed pretty painlessly. In light … [Read more...]

Sedo removes Obama & McCain domains from its marketplace

In yet another hasty move, Sedo has inexplicably begun to remove political domains from its marketplace. It is uncertain how far the pattern searcher reaches, however Carolyn from the support department mentioned that their legal department decided to remove domains that contain the name of the US … [Read more...] scrambles to patch data breach but concerns still remain

Less than 24 hours after introducing a series of features that exposed seller data to anyone with the will to acquire it and basic scraper-scripting skills, changed the way the "Meet the seller" link functions. In a dry and short statement issued on DNForum, Sedo's Customer Relations … [Read more...]