Start-up branding advice : Don’t waste money on an unfit domain

Technology start-ups tend to follow trends, as they are often peers to other companies. The addition of geographic proximity, such as companies in the California valley or the Austin tech sector, further increases the chance of corporate mimicking. Overall, it's good to adopt innovative … [Read more...]

From Snapchat to Snap : Not a great rebranding idea

The recent rebranding of Snapchat to Snap, and the assorted "upgrade" of the corporate domain to, generated positive commentary in the domain community. Going from to might seem like an upgrade at first. But in my opinion, it's a brand downgrade. Old school … [Read more...]

Momentum and traction in the gTLD arena: What to expect in 2014 – Plus, NamesCon is on!

How fast is the mass expansion of the Internet name space happening? Not fast enough, according to several domain investors that are projecting either a failure, or a delayed success of the gTLD scheme. In the end, it's up to the gTLD Registries to invest in advertising and promote their … [Read more...]

Development: The antidote to domain price capping

In my recent post about an expected price capping of ultra-premium and thus, expensive, domain names, it became apparent that there are two ways domainers approach this possibility. The first approach, is to discount it. By doing so, we are conveniently shutting eyes and ears to the inevitable … [Read more...]