Flippa : On a good course removing trademark violations

Flippa is a domain marketplace that attracts a variety of domain sellers; its global reach is quite profound. While most US-based domain sellers are aware of and comprehend the purpose of trademarks, those in many other countries often do not. Trademark infringing domains are definitely being … [Read more...]

Domain auctions : Don’t rely on the seller’s disclaimer

Domain auctions on several venues, such as Sedo and Flippa, come with a detailed description by the seller. Typically, a domain listing's description might contain information on the domain's qualities. Such details could be age, marketability, comparable sales figures, or statistics about the … [Read more...]

Bidding on domain auctions? Better check that trademark first

Expired domain auctions constitute a large portion of a smart domain investor's focus. The main reason: domains are typically aged, and - in theory - belong to a pool of good domains that is running dryer with every new .com registration. Auction venues such as GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo, NameJet … [Read more...]

Domains, trademarks and branding: My poor friend Justin doesn’t get it

My friend Justin runs a successful PR firm in Florida. Despite all my assistance over the years regarding domain names, domain investment and domain development, Justin has a hard time understanding a few core principles. The problem is that Justin owns a company and a trademark. But he doesn't … [Read more...]

Selling a trademark on eBay? Not so fast, buddy

Domain Name News wrote yesterday about the current sale of a trademark for "Sex.Sex" on eBay by its owner, as the best contender to an adult gTLD, with potentially a higher chance of approval than the much-despised .xxx Although the sale is based on pure speculation - there is no guarantee that … [Read more...]