Domain price increases : Gave ICANN a piece of my mind, and so should you

Domain prices increase, and that's a fact of the industry's regulatory direction. A contract renewal by ICANN has given extensive rights to Verisign, managers of the .com and .net TLDs, to jack up prices at rates unseen before. Normally, ICANN is expected to regulate prices so that the … [Read more...]

Domain names : The dot .com economy then and now

In February 1997, I registered my first domain name. It cost me $100 dollars for two years, and the registration took place through the only available registrar at the time, Network Solutions. As I lived in Greece, I also had to fax some information out. Domain payment was made via bank wire, … [Read more...]

Domain Purgatory exists : Just ask, Fabulous and Verisign

I'm not a Catholic, so quick disclaimer: the reference to a "Purgatory" does not intend to offend, nor is intentionally religious. Going by the definition of Purgatory: "A place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven." Very … [Read more...]

Drastic changes to the domain security methodology

Today's domain security status is marked by several issues that affirm the system's weaknesses - along with the observation that the underlying managing forces do not wish any such change to occur. Very simple methods of domain security are being neglected or even avoided. Registrars should lock … [Read more...]

Higher .com/.net fees? Big whoopie!

Today, Verisign announced the increase of their fees for registering/renewing .com/.net domains. Per contract, they are allowed to increase the fees up to 7% annually. No such increase occured in 2009. My response: big whoopie. To those domainers among us with no long term memory; there was a … [Read more...]