Naughty John Naughton and Thank God for graphic designers

I still remember the early days of the commercial Internet, having graduated from college a good five years earlier. These days, information technology was restricted to local programming and games development, systems analysis and expressive computer art. Computer monitors were small, expensive, … [Read more...]

You’re only as good as the tools you use

In all honesty, I can't recall how it all started with web development; I vaguely recall using Wordpad on Windows 3.11 Maybe because I'm about to push mid-4o's or perhaps because it doesn't really matter. There are things that one fails to register, for good. At some point, however, I started … [Read more...]

Domainers and Development: Tight Budgets or simply Bad Taste?

I'm often amazed at the type of content slated as "development" with the usual tags of "minisite", "stores" and "portals". Often a euphemism for graphic headers slapped on an interface that lacks intuition, those design atrocities are presented to domainers as money-makers that would beat parking … [Read more...]

Domainers do have an option – will it be minisite or full-fledged web development?

It's really a shame seeing pull out of the minisite business, simply because it appeared that the company - led by Rick Latona - had a streamlined process in place and many satisfied customers. The truth is, Rick's statement that "there is no money in web design" is incorrect. The … [Read more...] redesigned – Finally, a makeover worthy of a U.S. President

On Election Day, I commented about how the aesthetics of politics assisted to the outcome of the elections. It was evident that the Obama campaign listened to the hopes and aspirations of the American people, offering visuals that support such a choice - a genius approach, given that millions of new … [Read more...]