Why build web sites when you can hold and park domains?

It’s quite ironic issuing this statement; as a web developer I am supposed to be pushing everyone around me to develop, build, create.


While this is true in small quantities, when a domain is truly one project that derives its potential from its owner’s imagination and vision, developing all domain names into web sites is not the smartest thing to do.

You’ve heard the usual mumbo-jumbo for months: develop, mass develop, build minisites and traffic will come flooding faster than a waterfall, even for the ugliest long-tail B’ class TLD that you own.


Without a concrete plan, throwing “content” onto a web site can actually kill its current revenue and potential.

Let me explain.

There has been some conversation lately over at DNForum whether a parked domain can bring in $1,000 per day or more – day after day. While some responses were skeptical and some negative, in all truth such consistent daily revenue is not only possible, it’s actually achievable.

The secret is simple: obtain domains that do well at their basic function of traffic generation. While this category includes the obvious generics and typo-domains, there are also domains with dormant traffic, sleeping giants if you must.

Would you develop a sleeping giant of a domain in order to monetize the traffic that’s already there to be harvested?

Again, as a web developer I would be biased if I told you to go ahead and develop. As a domainer, I will tell you: don’t do it.

In a nutshell:

Smart domaining entails being selective in your domain registrations, parking and development. With time and experience you will learn how to make the right choices about which domains to register, which domains to park and which domains to develop.

There is no single solution for all.

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  1. Very true I’ve developed domains put content on them added affiliate links and got ranked highly in google and yet they make very little money. While other names with virtually the exact same keyword stats and so on make more money as a parked page with 1 mins work.

    Essentially it boils down to how well you service the users needs and how you make your revenue in the process. If someone’s mindset is in the ‘researching’ phase then a page with a bunch of links (a parking page) will serve that visitors need a lot better and make more money for you over time. It real boil down to getting into the headspace of the majority of the users that visit your site and then catering to their needs which in turn maximises your own profits.

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