Why build web sites when you can hold and park domains?

It's quite ironic issuing this statement; as a web developer I am supposed to be pushing everyone around me to develop, build, create. Right? While this is true in small quantities, when a domain is truly one project that derives its potential from its owner's imagination and vision, … [Read more...]

Domainers and Development: Tight Budgets or simply Bad Taste?

I'm often amazed at the type of content slated as "development" with the usual tags of "minisite", "stores" and "portals". Often a euphemism for graphic headers slapped on an interface that lacks intuition, those design atrocities are presented to domainers as money-makers that would beat parking … [Read more...]

And on the 7th day, God rested

The Bible tells us of God resting on the 7th day of his creation of the world - if only God was aware of the way things would evolve. Life no longer holds a resting moment, as every instance of the seven-day week is filled with work of some kind. If it isn't the newest trends and events we … [Read more...]

Mass developed minisites stand no chance

After reading Rick Schwartz's latest blog post about how Google AdSense closed down his account over minisite content, I had an obvious question: why did Rick pay TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars for 10 minisites? The term "minisite" was coined as an obvious bait for the domain community, sometime in … [Read more...]