‘I hate your business model’

I will not sugar-coat it: we are being hated upon, potentially by the entire world outside our little industry. Domain investing is an open industry where anything goes; speculators, short term tasters, flippers, agonized penny stock traders, long term betters - anyone and their mother can become … [Read more...]

Las Vegas is great, TRAFFIC is greater

When I attended TRAFFIC Las Vegas in 2010, it was my first time in Sin City and my second time attending the TRAFFIC domain conference. Las Vegas kept all of its promises: very little sleeping, lots of drinking and gambling, lots of womanizing. Luckily, that part forever stayed in … [Read more...]

The best part of Sedo offers is canceling them

As a domain investor, I'm looking into maximizing my ROI from domain sales. When that happens, it's because my asking price was met by the potential buyer. On Sedo, where anonymous offers can be considered 'safe' by those that place them, it's not always easy to come to an agreement. While … [Read more...]

Nobody at Google knows what’s going on with parking issues

As I've been testing a handful of domains at VooDoo.com, a situation with one particular domain - MetaSurf.com - turned up. Simply put, while traffic is minimal, 50% of the time that I tested for optimization purposes, no ads showed up, unlike in the past, according to snapshots captured by … [Read more...]

Sedo and Name.com: Who’s telling porkies about parking?

A few days ago I let one of my domains - Greek.in - cross its expiration date. The domain is with Name.com and I simply "ignored" the reminders on a busy week. While in the process of renewing it, I noticed that the domain was displaying a standard Sedo ad page, with the minimal, greenish text … [Read more...]