I just paid eNom to add funds at Fabulous!

It's surreal and funny at the same time; I just deposited $100 into my Fabulous.com account in order to renew some domains. Most of the time, I pay with a credit card, but on occasion I've deposited funds via PayPal. When the email receipt came back, it said that the recipient of the funds was … [Read more...]

NameJet and Pre-Release domains: an on-going Fiasco

I've been using NameJet for the past 3 years; I don't want to even think of the exact amount of money I've spent on old NetSol/Register.com domains auctioned there, but it's in the mid-five figure range. Another registrar that "tosses" its domains onto NameJet is eNom; a domain that was in … [Read more...]

Enom no more

Using eNom as a registrar these days is a leftover from around 2002; that's when I acquired a reseller account and managed to keep my domain renewal costs low. An incident that occurred on Sunday made me change my strategy with regards to eNom; instead of keeping my remaining domains there - … [Read more...]

Domains, Taxes and Fabulous.com

A little over a year ago I started consolidating my domain names at a single registrar. At that time, I decided to use Fabulous.com for a number of obvious reasons: low pricing, extensive backend to manage the domains, great tech support. As time passed by, I still have domains in a handful of … [Read more...]