Registrars: I don’t need add-on services

The amount of spam - unsolicited email - that I receive daily, is horrendous. Along with offers to buy worthless domains, lowball inquiries and emails from "buxom Ukrainian 24-year-olds", some domain registrars started to send out a hefty amount of emails unrelated to domain registration … [Read more...]

Registrar downtime: How long is unacceptable?

Moniker experienced an unscheduled three hour downtime earlier today, something that raised the ire of its customers. It is now back up. A few days ago, GoDaddy was down for the better part of the day, keeping a large number of customers offline. When it comes to downtime, there are systems … [Read more...]

Domains, Taxes and

A little over a year ago I started consolidating my domain names at a single registrar. At that time, I decided to use for a number of obvious reasons: low pricing, extensive backend to manage the domains, great tech support. As time passed by, I still have domains in a handful of … [Read more...]