Why I removed my entire domain portfolio from Sedo

All good things must come to an end. After a full 8 years, I've terminated my use of Sedo as a listing venue for my domains, including for PPC parking. The reasons that led me to this decision were primarily the following: Sedo's decision to enforce the use of SedoMLS partnership with … [Read more...]

Sedo MLS and GoDaddy: Welcome to lowballverse

The recent move by Sedo to list domains parked with a "make an offer" option to GoDaddy's TDNAM, finds me completely opposed. In fact, this is one of the issues I will raise with Sedo officials during TRAFFIC 2012. When I signed up with Sedo I did not agree that they could list my domains on … [Read more...]

More money, more problems

The saying goes, the more money one has, the more problems they are facing. I am not exactly sure this is 100% accurate, however. An offer via Sedo for a generic I own, matched the usual lowball amount of $60. That would leave me with $10 after Sedo's 20% commission. :D No thanks. My … [Read more...]

Sedo Accounts Receivable: a very active department

I noticed that several Google searches for "Sedo accounts receivable" end up at this very blog. At first I was perplexed, then realized that a recent post about how effective that Sedo department is, apparently sends visitors here. Sedo has been quite effective in collecting payments from … [Read more...]

Lock and load: Here’s why Sedo needs to arm the domain sellers

Those of you that use Sedo as their primary domain marketplace surely agree that the first thing you look at in an offer, is the locale of the offer-maker. Obviously, the price is there, in your face; to shock you or elate you, but the other clue that Sedo provides is where that offer is coming … [Read more...]